Intro to Rolfing®

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Rolfing® Structural Integration (RSI) is named after its creator, Dr. Ida P. Rolf. RSI is aimed at improving body alignment and function. It is a hands-on approach aimed at releasing tension and identifying strain patterns that live in our connective tissue/fascia. It improves posture, core stability, balance and ease of movement and leads to a greater sense of well-being. When your body is in better balance it can function at a higher level.

The Rolfing method can help people of all ages and can be used to relieve discomfort and aid in the healing of many different conditions such as:

  • anxiety/stress
  • back pain
  • neck tension
  • headaches
  • pain and stiffness in hips, knees, feet or joints
  • recovery post-accident or operation
  • and much more

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Athletes can attain more efficient movement.

Musicians, Dancers and Actors can expand their body awareness and possibilities of expression.

EveryBODY can make lasting improvements to their health and well-being.

YOU can perform better, gain strength and prevent injury in your everyday movements.

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To learn more about the what is takes to become a Certified Rolfer, view this PDF.