Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® is an approach that helps shift the body's nervous system to be more balanced, calm, and controlled.

Why is this important?

When there are issues or tension within our tissues that result from improper movement pattern and posture, depending on the pattern and how it shows up in the body, it will be reflected by a negative physical response in the body.

OK, so what does this mean?

Strong, solid and balancedWhen we are in a stressful situation, or experiencing a traumatic event, the physiology of the body responds to the stress by increasing heart rate, heavier chest breathing, and so on. But, sometimes this reaction continues even after the body is no longer responding to the initial stress. The nervous system should self regulate, but often times it doesn't. This is often seen in individuals with chronic anxiety, insomnia, or post traumatic stress disorder.

We can learn to self regulate our nervous system by consciously settling and finding calm in our body. This is done through modalities that include breathing control and finding a relaxation form that brings comfort and ease, allowing for comfort and ease whenever needed.

Most people aren't aware of how they breath. Being mindful and aware will shift the pattern in the body allowing for a healthier mind and body .