I spend my life helping people feel better, move better, alleviate pain, and reach a place of wellness that many seek but few rarely ever achieve.

Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients... this is why I love doing what I do:

"I was fortunate to have experienced a ten-session structural integration treatment w/Kat that resolved a few lingering ailments. When I started the structural integration I was having recurring jaw pain and a foot problem. After the ten sessions I was pain free and have not had any return of these symptoms."
-DR. JANELLE BARD,  Chiropractor


"Kat is a wonderful person and truly cares about helping her clients. I contacted her initially for help with chronic back pain. Through her holistic approach, I was able to achieve more than just relief from the back pain. She took the time to talk with me so she could tailor my sessions to my specific needs and helped me explore the reasons why my back hurt. The Rolfing sessions and tips she has given me to use at home have helped me to be able to enjoy life with less pain!"

" I had severe shoulder pain to the point that I didn't think I could work much longer. Once I went through the ten session's there was a point that everything fell into place between my mind and my body. I have a better understanding of how to help myself with support from Kat. She really cares about all her clients and I would highly recommend her. Btw Im still working and some days I'm able to work longer hours like I did in my twenties!"

"I completed the 10 sessions of structural integration with Kat some time ago, and I still feel the benefits today. I used get quite discouraged working out hard, because it would take me days sometimes up to a week to recover. It seemed no matter how much stretching I did nothing would make the soreness go away. If I was doing a lot of yard work around the house and sat down for a few minutes, getting back up, I would be all stiff and sore. Now after having seen Kat, I'm good to work out as hard as I want and I don't have to worry about muscle stiffness for days on end after. I can work hard around the house, sit for a bit, get back up and go at it some more. Thanks Kat, you have great hands."

"I worked with Kat for about six months before completing a 10-series, which proved to be exactly what I needed. If you have recurring pain that is not alleviated through traditional therapy, then I suggest a 10-series with Kat Fiske. Kat will help you to figure out what is best for your situation and your needs. I like Kat, I trust Kat, and I would recommend Kat to anyone interested in improving their well being and/or alleviating pain."

"Kat does wonders not only your body but your soul as well. I would recommend Kat to anyone who is looking to be rejuvenated!"

"Each Rolfing Structural Integration session with Kat improved my posture, breathing and feeling of freedom within my body. She is very intuitive and caring as a practitioner."